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Saints Row tank location - where to get a tank easily

Want to destroy the Los Panteros or maybe Marshall themselves in Saints Row? To do so you will want to know a Saints Row tank location to obliterate them

Saints Row tank location: A tank can be seen in the menu

Are you looking for a tank location in Saints Row to truly cause devastation on the dirty roads and streets of Santo Ileso? Well, this guide will help you out and tell you the easiest way to get a tank in the game.

Powerful vehicles are hard to come by in the world in Saints Row due to the lack of any major military bases. However, this tank location in Saints Row we have will guarantee you get one in your garage!

So, what are you waiting for? Get reading deeper into this article to see exactly what you need to do to land yourself a moving machine of mass destruction.

Saints Row tank location

To get a tank in Saints Row easily, you need to complete the main story mission ‘Severance Package’ in the final act of the game.

Yes this does mean you will need to b-line it through the main missions in the open-world game and ignore some of the side activities if you want a tank early. But, getting it is worth it as it can come in handy when completing some of the other activities.

During this mission, you will use a tank as you try to bring Marshall Defense Technologies down, and upon succeeding, the MDI 344T will be added to your garage. Here you can customise it and pull it out whenever you like!

You can find a tank with a group of Marshall enemies occasionally, and they can also spawn if you get enough notoriety. But, this is a far more reliable method of getting one as you don’t have to hope it spawns or you stumble across it on the map.

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