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Saints Row helicopter location - where to get a helicopter

Want to know the easiest to find helicopter location in Saints Row? This guide will show you exactly where you can get one fairly early on in the game

Saints Row Helicopter Location: A helicopter can be seen in the menu

Saints Row has a ton of vehicles, with cars and vans being the easiest to obtain. But, if you want to get around Santo Ileso quicker, you are probably keen to know about the Saints Row helicopter location or where you can grab one easily.

Volition knows how valuable a helicopter can be in the game, so they have made it quite easy to grab one through a story mission early on. That means you won’t be forced to go looking for cars or grab a terrible vehicle from your garage all the time.

Below, you can find the Saints Row helicopter location, which touches on where to get a helicopter in the main campaign.

Saints Row Helicopter Location

The easiest helicopter location in Saints Row is to grab one as a mission reward for completing Neenah’s initial mission chain: Neenah’s Car and The Forge.

Once you have completed The Forge, you will get the Thompson helicopter, in addition to the Saints HQ helipad. Therefore, you can spawn it right from the church. This helicopter comes with both machine guns and rockets so you will be able to cause mayhem from the air easily!

You have a chance to find one in a base, but that isn’t guaranteed. So, this route is the easier option!

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