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Saints Row how to get money fast

Want to spend big on clothes, weapons, vehicles or something else in Saints Row? To do so, you will want to know how to get money fast in Saints Row

Saints Row Get Money Fast

Money is how you show your true strength as an organisation and the new group of Saints in Saints Row will need a lot of it to expand their criminal empire or buy the fanciest clothes around. So, what are some of the ways you can get money fast in Saints Row?

Money is one of the most plentiful rewards in the game and is offered up for completing almost anything. But, there are some key things you can complete to get more of it or just grab a lot of it really fast.

This guide will cover those ways you can get money fast in Saints Row. We will also run through any steps you need to take to get yourself in the position to earn that money fast.

Saints Row how to get money fast

Some ways to get money fast in Saints Row are as follows:

  • Complete story missions
  • Hunt Wanted targets
  • Place criminal ventures
  • Complete criminal venture quest chains
  • Complete Threats
  • Complete Side Hustles

Story missions will by far be the easiest way to earn a bunch of money initially and we suggest you focus on the story for about half of the game’s length.

Early on, you can also hunt Wanted targets using the app on your phone, each of which gives you a healthy $5,000.

But, as you get deeper into the experience, you will be earning most of your money through placing criminal ventures and completing criminal venture quest chains. Placing these ventures will increase the amount of venture income which is put into your account in your phone app, and from there you can transfer it to your personal bank account.

Completing these quest chains will increase that amount even more and you get a sizeable chunk of money for completing each one as well. Threats help increase your venture income, which pairs nicely later in the game with placing more ventures.

Finally, a smaller way you can earn money fast involves completing Side Hustles around the map, which offer a nice slice of the green for you to spend on a weapon or two.

Now that you know how to get money fast in Saints Row, why not read our guides to see what you should spend it on? These include our recommendations for the best perks in Saints Row, the best vehicles, the best weapons, and more in our Saints Row walkthrough.