Is Johnny Gat in the Saints Row reboot?

Will the beloved Johnny Gat be making a return to the series in the Saints Row reboot?


Johnny Gat is the most beloved character in the Saints Row franchise and with the Saints Row reboot being announced, questions are being asked about his return. Volition has stated that this is a realistic reboot of the series but fans are still hopeful to see Johnny Gat’s return.

Johnny Gat has been with the series since the first game, all the way back in 2006. Since then he has appeared in every entry and even got his own themed DLC with Gat Out of Hell, where you were able to play as him for the first time. He was even in Saints Row 4 as a significant side character, even though he had died in the previous game.

So will he be returning again? Read on to find out. Here’s everything we know about the man himself, including whether we can expect a Saints Row reboot Johnny Gat appearance in Volition’s latest game.

Saints Row Reboot Johnny Gat

So, to answer the question will Johnny Gat appear in the Saints Row reboot? No, it doesn’t appear as if Johnny Gat will appear in the game.

During a preview event attended by The Loadout, Volition said that none of the characters from the previous iteration of the series will be making a return aside from “a couple of easter eggs in there for the very sharp-eyed”.

Therefore, you shouldn’t expect Johnny Gat, Kinzie, or anyone else you know to appear in the game. This quote suggests that they won’t even appear as a cameo, instead just being referenced or seen off to the side in a picture on the table, or something similar.

While it is disappointing to not see the cast of characters we know and love return, there are a bunch of new ones to meet and bring into your criminal enterprise. You can find more details on them and the Saints Row reboot release date in our guide.