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Stray walkthrough, guides, useful information, and more

Do you want a Stray walkthrough filled with tips and useful information? Look no further as The Loadout has everything you will need

Stray Walkthrough: The cat in Stray can be seen

Stray is a very simple game, with not too many deep mechanics, however, there are a number of puzzles, tasks, and quests to do that might not be as simple as you first thought. So, this Stray walkthrough will cover everything from major puzzles in the story, to side objectives and even collectible locations.

The sections below each contain our selection of guides, from general tips, to main puzzles that you have to complete, and any side objectives and collectibles that are hidden in the world like B-12’s memories. As the Stray game length isn’t too long it shouldn’t take you much time to replay if you miss anything. And, the game has chapter select as well.

Stray Walkthrough

This Stray Walkthrough is split up into three sections. These are general information about the game, main puzzle guides and quests, and then collectible locations, alongside side quest guides and individual item locations.

Stray Walkthrough: The cat can be seen walking through a street

Stray information and general tips

Our Stray general tips and information covers things like the length of the game, what platforms it is on and some general controls while you play.

Stray Walkthrough: The cat can be seen riding a boat with a robot

Stray main Puzzle guides and main quests

This section of our Stray walkthrough focuses on the main objectives and puzzles that you might get caught up on. We will also cover some main quests that play out throughout the adventure.

Stray Walkthrough: The cat can be seen on a barstool

Stray collectible, side Quest, and item locations

Finally, you can read through this section to see a variety of Stray collectibles, side quest guides, and item locations such as B-12’s Memories and collecting the badges.

That covers all the guides we have for Stray in our Stray walkthrough. To see what we thought of perhaps the most adorable game of 2022, you can read our Stray review.