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Stray how to destroy the security cameras in Midtown

Looking to destroy the three security camers in Stray for the quest to nab yourself a cassete tape? Here is how to do it in Midtown.

Stray Destroy Security Cameras: The three robots in the residency courtyard can be seen

Playing Stray and have talked to the robot in the residency about destroying the security cameras? But, maybe you aren’t quite sure where they are or what to do. Well, this guide will tell you how to destroy the security cameras in Stray‘s Midtown chapter.

Completing this objective is necessary for the story, so you don’t want to be stuck on it or hanging around for a while. As you will just get tired of trying to figure the task out and not enjoy the secrets that await in the latter half of the game. By exploring the area with the cameras down you will be able to find the Memories locations and badge locations in the town.

Stray how to destroy the security cameras

To destroy the security cameras in Midtown’s residency. You need to head up to the first floor of the residency and jump on the one on the wall using the ventilation boxes, and then use the balconies to jump on the other two.

Once you have destroyed all three of the Sentinels’ cameras, you can talk to the robot sitting down to get yourself the cassette tape, which is needed for the main story.

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Now that you know how to destroy the security cameras in Stray, if you are looking for more help with Midtown’s objectives, read our guide on the mysterious password Clementine gives you and see more tips in our Stray walkthrough.