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Stray how to get all badges - all badge locations

Are you wanting to find all the Stray badge locations? Here is how to get all the badges in the game so you can pimp out your cat

Stray Badge Locations: A badge can be seen in the menu

Stray is filled with unique items to find and collect. But, one of the most adorable items you can find are badges which you can pin onto your cat’s little coat for B-12. As such you are going to want to know where to find all the badges and the Stray badge locations.

There is a handful to be found throughout the game and all of them come from completing quests and tasks set for you by the robots. The first one is given to you as a part of the story and the majority are up to you to find with your paws. So, be sure to continue reading through this guide for everything you need when it comes to how to find all badges and the Stray badge locations. If you miss one, you can go back and find it through chapter select or replaying the game.

Stray Badge Locations

There are six Stray badge locations scattered around the game’s chapters. They are in the following places:

Stray Badge Locations: Morusque can be seen sitting with the cat.

Music Badge Location

The Music Badge can be found by getting all the sheet music pieces and giving them to Morusque to play.

This can be done by looking at our Stray sheet music locations guide which has them all detailed.

Stray Badge Locations: Seamus can be seen opening a door

Outsider badge location

The next badge can be found after Seamus opens the gate outside of the city for you.

This is a story-related moment so it is impossible to miss.

Stray Badge Locations: a gardener can be seen watering plants

Plant badge location

The only badge in the Antvillage can be found by completing the gardener’s quest.

Talk to her and she will tell you to find three flowers. The yellow one can be found by the bar, the purple one can be found on a tree branch on the lower level, while the last one can be found by jumping into a bucket by the mahjong players and jumping to the small island. You can find a detailed guide with the red flower, yellow flower, and purple flower locations in Stray here.

Stray Badge Locations: The shop in question can be seen

Cat Badge Location

The Cat Badge can be found in Midtown. At the start of the street, you will see a man talking to a shopkeeper by a green sign. Hop into his shop and look on the wall for the safe code: 8542.

Jump up onto the shelves in this shop to find the safe on them. Open it up to get the badge.

Stray Badge Locations: The parkour and jumping section can be seen

Police Badge Location

The Police Badge is one of the well-hidden ones. Head to the clothing store, and go down the alley to the right of the building. You will be able to climb up a large set of roofs and ventilation boxes by hopping on a workbench first.

Once at the top, look for a barred window at the end of the alley. It is super small, but you can squeeze through and grab the badge off the robot.

Stray Badge Locations: The location of the Worker's Key can be seen

Neco Badge Location

The Neco Badge can be found inside the factory. You will come across a robot looking over the edge of the platform for his key.

Progress just a little bit on until you have to hide behind moving objects to avoid the Sentinels. As you hop on the barrels to continue you will see a small heap of rubbish. The robot’s keys are here. Take it back to him by using the shadows of the objects once again and you will get the final badge.

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