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Stray sheet music locations

Are you looking for the sheet music locations in Stray? We've put together a list of all the music locations and how to find them in the Annapurna cat game

Stray is a puzzle-platforming adventure game which follows a lost cat’s attempt to escape a long-forgotten city. Of course, as our furry feline protagonist explores the great unknown that is Stray’s decaying cyberpunk cityscape, there are a plethora of secrets to uncover, and collectibles to find. This includes the Stray sheet music locations for the musician in The Slums.

Jotted about the city’s Slums, players will be able to find the Stray sheet music locations in eight different spots. By taking each piece to the guitar-playing robot Morusque, who can also be found in the Slums by the Guardian, the musical mech will quickly process the notes before playing each tune back to you.

Stray sheet music locations

There eight Stray sheet music locations are:

  • Momo’s Apartment – Sheet Music 1 location
  • Building opposite Momo’s – Sheet Music 2 location
  • Elliot Programming – Sheet Music 3 location
  • Azooz the merchant – Sheet Music 4 location
  • Bar, second floor – Sheet Music 5 location
  • Small opening, side apartment – Sheet Music 6 location
  • Outriders building – Sheet Music 7 location
  • Bar, behind neon sign – Sheet Music 8 location

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The cat can be seen looking at the shelf with the music.

Sheet Music 1 location

This last piece of sheet music, which is actually the first piece in order can be found in a side room in Momo’s apartment, which is located on the rooftops in the Slums.

Opposite where he is, you will find a metal door in his apartment. Squeeze through the gap and climb up the boxes and the self to find the piece of sheet music.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The cat can be seen looking at the balcony with the chairs and table.

Sheet Music 2 Location

The second piece of sheet music can be found on the rooftops of the slums. If you look opposite the large building with Momo and the orange sign, you will see an open window for a blue-walled building with the Outsiders symbol.

Just next to that window, on the connecting pipe, you can find a table with two chairs on a balcony. Jump up to this table to find the sheet music.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The cat can be seen looking at Elliot Programming.

Sheet Music 3 location

The next piece of sheet music can be found inside Elliot Programming, which is just next to Grandma Clothing. You can find it by the red door and a translate interactable option on that door.

Scratch on the door to enter and then look opposite of where Nestor is sitting to find it on the wall.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The sheet music with Azooz can be seen.

Sheet Music 4 location

The fourth piece of Sheet Music can be brought for 1 Energy Drink from Azooz the merchant, just to the right of where the Guardian is standing.

Interact with the sheet to be able to buy it. If you don’t the energy drink locations in Stray, check out our guide and the Vending Machine locations.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The sheet music can be seen on the set of seats.

Sheet Music 5 location

The fifth sheet music location can be found in the bar in the centre of the Slums, on the second floor on the central set of seats.

To get back to the bar, head to where the Guardian is at the garage with the meditators and walk down the central path. On your left, will be the entrance to the bar.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The sheet music can be seen on the shelf, with the cat looking at it.

Sheet Music 6 location

This next one is out of order as it is right next to the second piece of sheet music.

Instead of jumping to the balcony, this time jump through the window of the blue-walled building and through the gap in the door. To your right, you can find the sheet music on a bookshelf by the bed.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The cat can be seen looking at the library building with the sheet music inside.

Sheet Music 7 Location

From there, head back to Momo’s appointment and look to the left of it to find another building with an Outsiders symbol.

Enter it to find a sheet music piece sitting on the Piano.

Stray Sheet Music Locations: The safe with the sheet music in can be seen.

Sheet Music 8 Location

This piece of sheet music can be retrieved from the safe near Morusque, the robot playing music in the Slums to the right of the Guardian.

To get the code for the safe, start by talking to Elliot, who gives you the hint “Dufer Bar”. Head to the bar which is in the center of the slums and knock down the painting on the lower floor against the neon sign, revealing the code for the safe: 1283. Head back and input it to open it.

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And those are all the Stray sheet music locations. Now you can sit, relax and listen to some tunes. For more guides on collectibles, check out our Stray walkthrough.