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Stray vending machine locations

Looking for all the Stray vending machine locations? Here is where you can find them all to get that energy drink down your cat's gullet or to sell them.

Stray Vending Machine Locations: Two vending machines can be seen underneath a ventialtion unit

If you are playing Stray you probably want to know how to get energy drinks and their locations, well the answer is vending machines. And, to save you hunting around trying to find them, we have all the Stray vending machine locations right here!

There aren’t enough vending machines to actually buy everything Azooz has on offer so, you will need to make a choice between one of the sheet music locations or one of the B-12 memories locations. However, if you do play through chapter select or come back to the game in a subsequent playthrough you can grab the other one.

Stray Vending Machine Locations

The four vending machine locations in Stray during The Slums chapter are:

  • Alley by garage
  • Super Spirit
  • Balcony by the Outriders building
  • Hidden on a balcony in the middle of the square

Stray Vending Machine Locations: The cat can be seen looking at the vending machine.

Vending machine 1 Location

The first vending machine in Stray can be found as soon as the Guardian has signaled to the robots that it is safe. As the garage door opens, look to your left to find a set of stairs leading to a dark alley.

Against the wall, underneath some ventilation units, you can find the blue vending machine.

Stray Vending Machine Locations: The alleyway leading to the vending machine can be seen.

Vending machine 2 location

From there, head back to the Guardian and walk down the steps opposite him. To your right, you will see an alleyway with a robot called Zoe in the corner and a Super Spirit billboard on a shop.

Head down this alley and walk all the way to the end and up the steps to find a white vending machine next to a B-12 memories location.

Stray Vending Machine Locations: The vending machine can be seen in the distance with the cat looking at it.

Vending machine 3 location

The next vending machine can be found just to the left of the entrance to Momo’s apartment. Here you can find another Outsiders symbol on a balcony.

Just below that, on a rooftop, there is a red vending machine which will get you another energy drink.

Stray Vending Machine Locations: The path leading up to the machine can be seen.

Vending Machine 4 Location

The fourth vending machine can be found directly beneath where you are. Look towards the piece of wood with a paint can on it and then hop down to see the vending machine.

You can also approach this place from the Grandma’s Clothing side and jump up the ventilation boxes. It is pretty well hidden underneath a number of pieces of metal and buildings.

So there are all the vending machine locations in Stray. For more help, check out our Stray walkthrough which is filled with tips to help you fully complete everything there is to do!