Stray yellow plant, purple plant, and red plant locations

Curious about the Stray plant locations? Here is where you can find the red plant, yellow plant, and purple plant locations in the Antvillage

Stray Red Plant Yellow Plant Purple Plant Locations: the planter grower can be seen watering plants

One of the Antvillage quests in Stray is to find three unique followers for the plant grower. But, if you aren’t keeping your eyes open from when you first enter you will likely miss them. So, we have pulled together the Stray plant locations so you can find the yellow plant, purple plant, and red plant.

This quest is the only major side quest during the Antvillage chapter and the reward for completing it is one of the badges you can earn in the game. So, if you want all those badges, or just want to help a friendly robot out, then this guide should help you out.

Read on below for the exact Stray plant locations for the yellow plant, red plant, and purple plant, so you can work towards completing all the tasks that have been bestowed onto you as you make your way back to your family.

Stray Yellow Plant Location

After speaking to the plant grower, head down a level and back to Zbaltazar. Walk around this level to the backside of the tower to find the bar, just next to the couch, you can drop to a pipe and pick-up the flower.

Stray Red Plant Yellow Plant Purple Plant Locations: The yellow plant can be seen.

Stray Purple Plant Location

From there, head down another level until you see a tree branch by a man. Head onto the tree branch and along it to pick up the purple plant.

Stray Red Plant Yellow Plant Purple Plant Locations: The purple plant can be seen

Stray Red Plant Location

To find the red plant location, head all the way down to the bottom of the tower and look for the bucket by the two mahjong players. Jump into it and ride it down. Walk along the barrels to find the red plant on a small island.

Stray Red Plant Yellow Plant Purple Plant Locations: The red plant can be seen.

And there you have it, all the Stray plant locations. For more help with collectibles and side quests be sure to check out our Stray walkthrough, which is filled with tips and other useful information.