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Stray mysterious password solution

Stuck trying to figure out what to do with the mysterious password in Stray? Here is how to solve it and move on with the main objectives.

Stray Mysterious Password: Clementine's room can be seen

Curious about the Stray mysterious password you have stumbled upon in Clementine’s apartment in Midtown? Well, this article will help you put those questions to rest and show you exactly what you need to do. This Stray mysterious password is one of the last tricky puzzles in Stray and if you don’t have a keen eye, scouring Clementine’s apartment you could be stuck here for a while. Especially as you cannot leave.

But, there are only four items in the apartment you need to interact with to be able to move on. Once you are done with Midtown you can pretty much b-line it to the end of the game without too much trouble! So, read on below for our Stray mysterious password guide so you can find all the items and piece together the message Clementine has left for you after disappearing.

Stray Mysterious Password Solution

To solve the mysterious password in Stray in Clementine’s apartment, you have to find and interact with the following items:

  • Scent emitter on the table in the living room
  • The gem on the bed, which can be accessed by scratching the fabric causing the draw to open
  • Statue with cone in the bathroom
  • Lava lamp on the kitchen shelf

Once you have found all of these items it will be revealed that Clementine is at the club. You can access the club through the alley behind it, allowing you to move on with the main objective.

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