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Stray Clementine location

Want to know how to find Clementine in Stray and Clementine's location. Here is where you need to go after you visit Midtown late in the game

Stray Clementine location: A shop in Midtown can be seen

After your cat has been through so much in Stray, you will be looking around Midtown for a friend, and that friend is Clementine. But, due to the threat of the Sentinels, she isn’t easy to find. So, this article will show you the Stray Clementine location so you aren’t trying to find her in every back alley and shop or scuttling about where you shouldn’t be to find her.

Clementine is really your only friend in Midtown as everyone seems to not be as friendly to our feline friend when compared to The Slums. So, you will want to find her fast, unless you are keen to explore and find the Memories locations and three badge locations here in Midtown.

Stray Clementine location

To find Clementine in Midtown in Stray, walk up the main street to the hologram and turn to your right. Here you will see a residency. Climb up to the top floor and squeeze through the gap in the window to find her.

Once you have found her, you can continue with the main objectives in Midtown, which is one of the larger areas of the game. You will need to come back here a few times, so make a note of where it is.

For more help in Midtown, check out our guide on a later quest with Clementine when it comes to solving the Stray mysterious password. Our other guides can also be found in our Stray walkthrough.