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Stray how to save the game?

Looking for how to save your game in Stray? Here is how the save system in the game works so you don't lose a ton of progress while playing.

Stray How To Save Your Game: The cat can be seen riding in a bucket

Losing your progress is never a fun time. However, not all games come with a super-friendly save system and Stray is one of those. It is quite easy to lose a significant amount of progress so you will want to know how to save the game in Stray.

Thankfully, when progressing through the linear sections of the game, the game saves often enough, but in the hub areas of the game, particularly the explorable towns, saving is a bit more of a nuisance. So, to save you that trouble this article should answer your questions. We will also dive into how chapter select works in case you want to revisit any of the chapters in the chapter list.

Stray how to save the game?

To save the game in Stray, you have to complete one of the main objectives. There are no save checkpoints for side objectives so if you spend 15 to 20 minutes looking around The Slums, you will need to complete the next main objective to get to the next checkpoint.

This issue isn’t a huge problem during the linear chapters so you only have to worry about this issue in three of the game’s chapters.

In chapter select, a lot of items respawn when you start a chapter again so you don’t have to worry about missing out on them if you progress too far onwards.

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