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Stray PS Plus - platforms, plans and tiers, and region availability

Stray is on PS Plus, but which platforms can you play on? What plan do you need? And can you get the Annapurna cat adventure in regions with PS Plus Deluxe?

stray ps plus cat sitting at a bar with robots

Annapurna’s cute cat adventure is here in the form of Stray. Your objective as said cat is to escape the neon-lit streets of a future dystopian city that happens to be solely inhabited by robots. You also have a quaint drone strapped to your back that helps you communicate with these AI beings, as we found out in our Stray preview.

If that sounds like your kind of game, then what’s even better is that Stray is part of PS Plus. So, if you’re a subscriber to the service, then you’ll be getting all your feline feels for free. With all of Sony’s new PS Plus offerings, however, you might be wondering which membership plan you need to reap the rewards.

For all things Stray PS Plus, read the guide below to find out how to obtain the game for free and whether you get the PS4 or PS5 version.

Stray on PS Plus

Stray is coming to PS Plus on July 19 for those subscribed to the PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium tiers. Stray will not be coming to PS Plus Essential, so you will need to upgrade to one of the more expensive plans if you want to get the game included with your subscription.

Both the PS4 and PS5 version of Stray will be available on PS Plus, which means that if you haven’t been able to get Sony’s latest console yet, you can still experience the adventure by dusting off your PS4.

Stray will also be available to PS Plus subscribers in regions where PS Plus Deluxe is available instead of Premium.