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Is Stray on Xbox Game Pass?

If you're a cat person hoping to dive in, then you're in the right place to find out if Stray is on Xbox Game Pass on Xbox and PC platforms.

Is Stray on Game Pass: The iconic cat from the game sitting to the side, looking at the camera.

Is Stray on Xbox Game Pass? Since Stray launched on PlayStation and PC platforms, it’s become somewhat of a cultural phenomenon thanks to its dedication to all things cats. However, those with a Microsoft console want to know if they will get to play the Stray for free like PlayStation players could. Well, it’s your lucky day because this guide has the latest news on a Stray Game Pass release.

This linear adventure set in a dystopian city, Stray was nominated as one of The Loadout’s best games of 2022. If you’re contemplating diving in, use our complete Stray walkthrough as your ultimate companion to keep the lovable cat alive in the harsh city.

Is Stray on Xbox Game Pass?

Stray is not currently on Xbox Game Pass, despite it releasing on Xbox on Thursday, August 10, 2023. Other Annapurna Interactive games have been released onto Game Pass, but this isn’t one of them, unfortunately.

These games included Last Stop, A Memoir Blue, and the upcoming Cocoon. So, while it was originally a PS5 and PS4 console exclusive on PS Plus, it won’t also spend some time on Microsoft’s subscription service.

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So there you have it. Curious about Stray on Xbox Game Pass, but want to know what else you can play right now. Check out the Game Pass game library with all the latest additions.