Stray Xbox Game Pass – is the game on Xbox platforms?

Want to know if Stray will come to Xbox Game Pass if and when it reaches Xbox platforms? Here is our prediction and best guess on the matter

Stray Xbox Game Pass: The cat can be seen walking on a pipe

Stray is one of the most anticipated games on PlayStation platforms, but those with a Microsoft console want to know if they will get to play the game. And, more importantly, a key questions is if Stray is coming to Xbox Game Pass as well.

Set in a dystopian city, Stray is a linear adventure where you explore the city and towns filled with robots in an attempt to make it back to your family. On your way, you will find memories of humanity’s past, face dangerous threats, and complete puzzles to escape precarious situations. You may also have to defend yourself against some non-feline threats.

So if you are looking to jump into Ananpurna’s latest adventure, be sure to read on through this guide for everything there is to know about Stray on Xbox Game Pass and Xbox platforms.

Stray on Xbox Game Pass?

Stray is not currently on Xbox Game Pass or Xbox platforms. The game is a PC and PlayStation exclusive. However, Stray will most likely come to Xbox in the future.

It is clear that Sony has just nabbed a timed-exclusivity window for the game, likely three or six months. So, Stray could end up on Xbox consoles by the end of the year or in early 2023. And, when it does arrive it stands a chance of releasing into Game Pass as a number of other Annapurna Interactive games have including Last Stop, A Memoir Blue, and more.

So there you have it. Curious about Stray on Xbox Game Pass, but want to know what else you can play right now? Check out the Game Pass game library with all the latest additions.