Does Stray have cat customisation options?

Annapurna Interactive is coming and we can't wait to explore this unique adventure game - but, will Stray have cat customisation options? Here's what we know

Stray cat customisation: An image of a ginger cat

It’s safe to say that Annapurna Interactive is giving the gamers exactly what they want with Stray, a strange cyberpunk-like robot-filled adventure game where you play as an adorable cat. For a lot of people, it’s shaping up to be a fantastic experience – and we think it’s going to be great, too. But, if you’re looking forward to this adventure game, you might be asking the following question: does Stray have cat customisation options?

As little as ten years ago, this question would be an odd one to ask – however, in today’s climate, players are often spoilt for choice when it comes to putting their own spin on in-game player characters. So, asking whether Stray has cat customisation options is actually a very fair question. You might not be able to customise a cat quite as much as you could a human, if you’re thinking logically about the options, but… There are quite a few different breeds of cat out there.

But, that’s enough speculation – here’s everything you need to know about all the appearance options you’ll have in Stray.

Does Stray have cat customisation options?

If you’re looking forward to splashing a bit of your personality on Stray, we’re sorry to say that Stray will not have any cat customisation options. How do we know this? Well… Annapurna Interactive has actually confirmed this in a tweet from June 8, 2022.

As you can see below, the developer has stated that “it’s the adventure of this particular car, so no customisation” in a social media post with a handful of FAQ answers.

So… We know this is a little sad. However, you’ll be pleased to know that the cat in Stray is adorable – so, it could be worse. If you want to know more about this cat game, you can find out about Stray on PS Plus here and everything about the Stray length – as in, how long it will take to beat – here.