Stray game length – how long to beat Annapurna’s cat game

Are you trying to find out the Stray game length? How about how long to beat the Annapurna adventure? The Loadout's guide has everything you need to know

stray length how long to beat the annapurna cat game adventure

Annapurna’s cat adventure Stray is here and we’re ready to curl up in a robot’s lap, leap through open windows, and get up to other feline shenanigans. You get to explore the neon-lit streets of a vast dystopian city with your robot-drone companion, who also helps you decipher the robots’ language to understand what happened in the world. Who could say no?

Well, you could say no if you don’t have the time to play the game. We get it, sometimes you don’t want to sink 2000 hours into Starfield because you have things to do or other games to play. Maybe you’re tired of random Apex trios getting downed in the first 30 seconds of a match. That’s why we’re here to tell you the Stray game length and how long to beat it.

Below, we’ll detail everything we know about how long it will take you to lead the cat protagonist out of the city and to freedom.

Stray game length

Stray will take seven to eight hours to complete. That’s according to what one of the game’s developers told The Loadout when we attended a Stray preview event. Players are free to explore at their own pace, however, so it could take longer to beat depending on your playstyle.

Stray is available for free if you’re subscribed to PS Plus, but with all the changes and additions to Sony’s service lately – including new tiers of subscription – you might want to check out our Stray PS Plus guide to find out which plan you need to get the game.

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