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Stray how to dunk a basketball - Boom Chat Kalaka guide

Have you just come across the Stray boom chat kalaka trophy and achievement and are wondering where and how to dunk the basketball? Here's how to complete it

Stray Dunk Basketball: The cat and the ball and trashcan can be seen

Stray may be set in the murky underbelly of a decaying cyberpunk-infused city, but the puzzle-platforming adventure game certainly has its light-hearted moments. One of these is how to dunk a basketball in Stray for the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement, which will have you turn Stray’s feline protagonist into an NBA all-star… sort of. To answer the question of how to get the Boom Chat Kalaka achievement in Stray, there are a few steps that you’re going to need to take.

First of all, you’re going to need to scoot over to The Slums area of the city and contrary to what you might think, getting this achievement doesn’t actually involve dunking the ball into the nearby hoop. Instead, you can find the guide to the Boom Chat Kalaka trophy and achievement below.

Stray where and how to dunk the basketball

The location to dunk the basketball can be found in The Slums chapter of the game to the right of the Guardian. You will see a basketball at the top of some steps, with a toppled trashcan at the bottom. All you need to do is simply push the basketball very lightly by walking into it so that it rolls down the flat part of the steps.

If you push too hard, the ball will bounce and miss.

You want to try and get the ball to roll directly straight so that it enters the trashcan smoothly. If you fail, you can simply restart from the last checkpoint to have another chance!

And that is it! You have discovered how to dunk a basketball in Stray. For more side objective tips check out the Stray sheet music locations and more in our Stray walkthrough.