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Stray worker’s key location and how to find it

Are you trying to find the Stray worker's key location? Our guide has everything you need to know about finding the item in Annapurna's cat game - meow

Stray worker's key location robot

Stray, the new cat adventure game published by Annapurna, is all about living out life as a cat in a dystopian city of the future. Of course, being a cat means doing things like licking your paws and generally being lazy while people wait on you hand and foot, but cat life also comes with things like jumping around, exploring, completing puzzles, and accruing collectibles. And, if you’re poking around the game’s neon-lit streets trying to nab everything you can, you’re probably also looking for the Stray worker’s key location and how you can find it as you pound the pavement in feline form.

Don’t worry, though, we’ve got you covered. Read our guide below to help you on your way to picking up the key that’s blocking your game progression when you get to the Midtown area of the cat game.

Stray Worker’s Key Location

To find the worker’s key in Stray, progress just a little bit past the robot in the factory area of Midtown until you have to hide behind moving objects to avoid the Sentinels. As you hop on the barrels to continue, you will see a small heap of rubbish. The robot’s keys are here on the barrels to the right.

As mentioned above, giving the worker back the key will get you one of the badge locations as well.

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