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Stray computer and socket puzzle solution in The Flat chapter

Are you trying to find the computer socket puzzle solution in Stray, the cat adventure game from Annapurna? Our guide will tell you the solution to the puzzle

Stray Computer Socket Puzzle Solution: The cat can be seen looking at the large computer system.

Stray is a new adventure game from Annapurna where you take control of what could possibly be the cutest videogame protagonist ever – a stray cat. After getting lost in a dystopian sci-fi city full of neon-lit alleyways, you have to guide your feline friend out of danger and back to its family, and that means solving puzzles like the computer socket puzzle and its solution in Stray. There are lots of puzzles in Stray, but finding the computer socket puzzle solution in Stray might be one of the trickier ones to solve.

The puzzle presents itself at the start of the game, which is before you’ve had time to get to grips with the game’s mechanics, how it plays, and what’s expected of you. Below, you’ll find our guide on how to complete the computer socket puzzle and progress the main story of Stray so that you don’t have to waste your time stuck in The Flat area of the Annapurna adventure.

Stray computer and socket puzzle solution

To complete the computer puzzle in the first room of The Flat, all you need to do is walk along the keyboard when you are given the opportunity to type. Doing this three times will unlock the door in the room to allow you to find four electrical plugs to put into sockets at the bottom of the large computer system.

These plugs are all located around the room, high up on shelves or on tables, and are black, illuminating a white strip when plugged in. This should help you spot them, but they can be found and picked up in the following locations:

  • On the central table
  • High up on a shelf to the left of the computer system (jump on the stool to reach it)
  • On the base of the moving cart against the right wall of the room (jumping on the handle will reveal the plug and cause the cart to move)
  • On a shelf to the right of the computer system, by the Metallique poster (Use the cart which should now be against this shelf to jump to it)

You can see images of those locations below:

Once you have grabbed each one, take it to the sockets at the base of the computer to plug in each one and open a new secret room.

In this room jump onto the robot and the large device to an upper shelf. Knock the box off and pick-up the newly revealed item. Take it back to the central computer and put it under the light in the centre of all the screens. This will activate B-12 and allow you to move on!

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