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Stray cassette tape location - how to get the Midtown music

Looking for the Stray cassette tape location? Here's how to get the music in the cat game so that you can progress the main story when you get to Midtown

stray cassette tape location boombox in clothes store

Annapurna cat game Stray is out and if you’re not playing it, then what is wrong with you? It has cats and robots and a futuristic city modelled after Kowloon Walled City. It also has the furry parkour you would expect from a game about cats. When you combine these facts, you get an adventure full of exploration, puzzles, and collectibles. In turn, this means you might get stuck at different points in your playthrough, like trying to find the Stray cassette tape location.

Midtown is one of the most complex areas in Stray, featuring lots of alleyways, lots of robots to talk to, and lots of areas to explore both down below and up high. You can poke around for hours and still be confused about how to progress.

Stray Find Cassette Tape Location

To find the Cassette tape, you need to destroy the security cameras in Midtown’s residency.

First, you need to head up to the first floor of the residency and jump on the security camera on the wall by climbing on the ventilation boxes. Then, use the nearby balconies to jump on the other two cameras. As you jump on a security camera, it will fall to the floor and smash.

After you have destroyed all three, head back to the ground floor and talk to the robot sitting down below to get the cassette tape, which is needed to obtain the worker jacket and advance the main story of the game.

After finding the Stray cassette tape location, you might be interested in finding out how to get the worker jacket or the worker’s key location in the Midtown area of the cat game.