Does the cat die in Stray?

Want ot know if the cat dies in Stray and the team behind the game are monsters? This guide will have all the answers to calm your fears

Stray Cat Die: The cat can be seen appraoching a robot.

Stray puts its feline protagonist in a bunch of dangerous situations. Over the course of BlueTwelve Studio’s epic puzzle-platforming adventure, our nine-lived friend will get into all sorts of precarious situations that could spell death. But does the cat die in Stray? Well, yes and no. Spoilers ahead.

Throughout the game, the cat can die much in the same way as any adventure game character can. As you solve each section, you’ll need to keep your wits about you, as tiny rat-like critters can swarm and overwhelm the cat, causing it to collapse on the ground and die. But don’t worry, it’s not a permanent death, and our tiny bundle of orange joy will respawn at the last checkpoint as good as new.

“Yes, but does the cat die in Stray? Like, for good?” you ask. Read on to find out if the team behind the game are monsters we should never trust again.

Does the cat die in Stray?

No, the cat in Stray does not die in the story.

With that said, the cat does get injured at certain points during the story, leaving it limping around for a bit. However, it does return to full health after a short while. Phew. While playing through Stray can be quite distressing – no one likes to see a cute, cuddly cat suffer – you can at least take solace in knowing that it survives its adventure to tell the tale.

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