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Stray electrical cable location to complete Grandma’s request

Are you looking for the electrical cable location in Stray? Here is where you can find it tucked away in the Slums for Grandma's Clothing's quest.

Stray Electrical Cable Location: Grandma can be seen sitting in her seat.

Are you looking for the Stray electrical cable location? Stuck trying to figure out where to find the item Grandma wants in The Slums, well this guide for Stray is the article you have been looking for.

Finding the electrical cable is a mandatory part of the story as you need it to get the blanket for Elliot during The Slums Part 2. However, you can complete the quest significantly earlier if you want to. But, there are a number of steps to go through when it comes to getting the electrical cable and some aren’t always obvious.

Stray Electrical Cable location

The electrical cable in Stray can be found at Azooz in the Slums. He is just to the right of the Guardian. You can purchase it for 1 laundry detergent.

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