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Stray blanket location - how to get blanket for Elliot

Are you trying to find out how to get the blanket in Stray for Stray? This guide will tell you what you need to do to grab the poncho.

Stray Blanket Location: Elliot can be seen wearing his Poncho

Stray is a game about a cat, but it’s also published by Annapurna, which means it’s a good game about a cat that goes on an adventure and has to escape a dystopian city full of robots. You’ll have to complete lots of interlocking quests to achieve this goal, and one of them is how to get the blanket in Stray for Elliot.

It might just be an item of clothing, but it is vital to ensure Elliot can fix the transmitter and set you on your way for the rest of the journey, reuniting yourself with your feline family and making it out of the city streets. So, we’ve put together this handy guide telling you the key steps you need to take to achieve this goal.

Stray how to get blanket

To get the Blanket in Stray you need to find the Super Spirit detergent from the laundromat. To open the laundromat, you can climb up to its roof and meow to have the robots drop a paint can, causing the owner to open the door. Once you have the detergent you can then trade that with Barterman in the Slums for Electric Cable and return it to get the blanket.

Stray How To Get Blanket Location: The cat can be seen looking at an alley

After getting the cable, take the Electric Cable, give it to Grandma (near Elliot Programming) and she will knit you a poncho, or what Elliot calls a blanket.

You will need to obtain the Poncho during your Stray playthrough to progress the main story, but you can also grab it ahead of time before the main objective presents itself.

That’s how to get the blanket in Stray for Elliot. For more main objective tips, check out our Stray walkthrough and also our Stray review to see what we thought of the game.