Are there dogs in Stray game? – a cat’s natural enemy

With so many cats in Stray, you are probably wondering if Stray has dogs, which would serve as a natural enemy for the feline creatures. Here is the answer

Stray are there dogs: The cat can be seen jumping in the city

Stray is obviously a game for cat people – you can even learn how to meow in Stray for goodness sake. Throughout the puzzle-platforming adventure game, you’ll happen upon all sorts of obstacles and nasties out to shave away at your nine lives. Of course, there is one natural enemy to the feline kind that could also vying for your affection and make the cat’s life a nightmare: the noble dog. But are there dogs in Stray?

As you prowl around Stray’s derelict cyberpunk cityscape, there are all sorts of beasties lurking around in the form of tiny Zurks creatures. These little critters can be a real pain in the tail.

You’ve also got to take great care when navigating the various obstacles throughout the city. Naturally, between these two things the last thing you want is a canine intervention, so are there dogs in Stray? Read on to find out.

Are there dogs in Stray

Fortunately for cat-lovers, and unfortunately for dog enjoyers, there aren’t any dogs in Stray. Developer BlueTwelve Studio has clearly remained committed to ensuring that there is only one cuddly creature to sob over, and that is, of course, the cat itself.

So you can watch it listen to music, relax, or sleep without fear that a dog is going to come and sneak up on you or threaten you.

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