Stray the flat door keycode solution – how to get out

Stuck in The Flat in Stray and want the door keycode solution to get out? Here is where you can find it and what it is if you don't want to go searching.

Stray The Flat Door Keycode: The door to exit the flat can be seen

Stray is filled with keycodes to find and puzzles to complete, but one of the first you run across is the keycode in the late. Here, you will need to find the flat door keycode solution in Stray to open it, continue the game, and make your way through each of the chapters towards the conclusion. To do so you will need to know the Stray the flat door keycode solution.

But, if you don’t have an eye for secrets or are just getting your paws wet with Stray, then you may not be able to find the code within the environment. Although it is one of the easier codes to find in the game, it might still be easier for you to just know the answer and move on.

Stray The Flat Door Keycode answer

The keycode to the door in The Flat in Stray is 3748. It can be found on a whiteboard in a room to the right of the door.

You can see the location below:

Stray The Flat Door Keycode: The keycode for the door can be seen on a whiteboard

Once you are out of the flat you can begin exploring the world and the neon-lit streets, hunting down collectibles and completing quests.

The flat is one of the first puzzles in the game, so you will be in store for some more tricky tasks as your progress. So, if you are looking for that additional help, be sure to check out our Stray walkthrough for all of our guides.