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Stray tracker - where and who to take it to

Looking for where and who to take the tracker to in Stray? Here is who you have to tacke the device to and what they are able to do with it.

Stray Where Who Take Tracker To: The Tracker can be seen in the menu.

If you are at the point in Stray where the quests are hinting towards why the robots and the city are the way they are, then you should be about ready to use the tracker. But where and who do you take the tracker to in Stray?

Well, annoyingly Seamus doesn’t actually tell you. You can use B-12 for some help, but unless you want to spend your time talking to everyone in The Slums, you will probably want to know where and who to take the tracker to in Stray so you don’t dramatically increase the time you spend walking around aimlessly. Luckily this guide will be the only help you need as we have it right here in this guide. Below you can find the exact person you need to talk to, the extra quest related to the tracker, and directions on how to get to the building in question.

Stray where and who to take the Tracker to

The Tracker in Stray needs to be taken to Elliot, at Elliot’s Programming. His house can be found just past the main bar with a red door and a translatable poster on it.

Head upstairs and he will be sitting by some computers. He will then tell you he needs a blanket, which can be done by completing the Grandma’s Clothing quest. You can find out how to get the blanket here.

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