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Stray paper bag location - where to wear the paper bag

Are you trying to find the Stray paper bag location? Our guide will tell you how and where to find it and what you can expect when you do in the cat game

Stray Paper Bag Location: The paper bag can be seen on the cat's head.

With Stray being about a cute little stray cat lost in a future city full of robots and danger, you would be forgiven for thinking that danger comes only in the form of cat-nabbers and machines, when in fact danger also comes in the form of paper bags that get stuck on your head. Yes, we’re not joking; yes, you should do this immediately. But, to get the bag stuck on your head in the first place you need to find the Stray paper bag location.

That way you can pitter patter your paws down to the right place, jam that ol’ cat noggin of yours into the brown bag, and have it reverse your controls for that added kick of motion sickness. Below, we’ll detail everything you need to know about how to find the paper bag in Stray, what locations it can be found in, and how to wear it.

Stray Paper Bag Location

The location of the paper bag in Stray is during The Slums chapter. After the Guardian tells the robots it is safe, you can head to the left of where the garage opens. Behind a shop sign, and just next to where Morusque the musician sits, you can find the paper bag.

Interact with the paper bag by pressing the button prompt and the cat will stick their head into it. You’ll get a nice surprise when you do too with the controls being all wonky. The bag will come off by itself after a time.

There are other paper bags dotted around Stray’s world, but this is perhaps one of the best and easiest locations and ways to wear the paper bag on your head.

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