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Stray safe code - what is the code and where to find it?

Are you trying to find the Stray safe codes in order to loot them and get the goodies inside? Our guide will help you crack open the cat game's safes.

Stray safe codes cat in alleyway

Stray is the cat game from Annapurna, or at least that’s what we’re calling it now and you should too. It’s full of personality, story, and puzzles that block your progression. Some of those puzzles require you to obtain Stray safe codes to progress the main story of the game, so it can be a frustrating experience if you don’t know where or how to find them. Handily, we’ve got you covered with the Stray safe code. 

We’ll tell you what it is if you don’t want to mess around uncovering their location for yourself, but we’ll also tell you how to find them in case you want to get the full-fat story experience and not just have the answers handed to you on a plate.

Stray safe code

The code for the safe in the alleyway in Stray is 1283The code for the safe in Midtown is 8542.

You can use this guide to bypass having to find the code for yourself, but if you still want to find it, read our guide on how to open the safe in the alleyway in the Slums or our badge locations guide.

There is another safe in the library on the rooftops of the Slums, but this is opened with a key, so you don’t require a code to open it.

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That’s all of the Stray safe codes, but you can check out our guides to find all of the Stray notebook locations or Seamus’ apartment code if you’re stuck.