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Stray notebook locations

You might be trying to find the Stray notebook locations if you're stuck and need a little help with progressing the cat game's story, so here they are

Stray notebook locations cat walking in slums rooftops

Stray, the latest exciting new game published by Annapurna, is a cat adventure laden with puzzles that you have to solve to progress its story. And, as you pitter patter down the neon-lit streets of the Slums, you’ll inevitably be tasked with finding four Stray notebook locations before you can continue on your merry way. The Slums area of Stray can be quite a confusing area to navigate, so finding all of the Stray notebook locations is not as much of as straightforward task as it might sound.

You might find yourself lost in the back alleys, coming face to face with the Slums’ machine denizens and wondering where you have to go and how to get there. We’ve aided in your journey to help the cat escape by telling you exactly where each of the notebooks is located and how to get there.

Stray notebook Locations

There are four notebook locations scattered around The Slums in Stray. They can be found in the following places:

Stray Notebook Locations: Momo can be seen in his appartment with the cat looking at him.

Momo’s Notebook Location

Momo’s notebook is the easiest to find and unmissable, as it is a part of the main story.

Once meeting him and speaking to him, you will automatically get the notebook.

Stray Notebook Locations: The window to Clementine's appartment can be seen

Clementine’s Notebook Location

Clementine’s Notebook can be found on the rooftops of the slums. If you look opposite the large building with Momo and the orange sign, you will see an open window for a blue-walled building with The Outsiders symbol.

Jump through this window from the connecting pipe and go through the gap in the door. Head into the side room with the computer to find the notebook just on another monitor.

stray notebook locations doc look across slum rooftop from momo's apartment

Doc’s Notebook location

Doc’s Notebook can be found in his apartment, which is located on the rooftops in the Slums. You can reach it by climbing across the rooftops and reaching his balcony, which is to the left of Momo’s apartment as you are coming out of it.

Once there, make your way inside to the back corner to find a set of keys on a bed. Pick them up and head to the central set of shelves in between the couch and the piano. Behind some books, you can find a safe. Use the keys to pick up Doc’s book inside.

Stray Notebook Locations: The apartment can be seen.

Zbaltazar’s Notebook Location

Zbaltazar’s Notebook can be found by climbing on top of the laundry and looking towards where the Guardian and his meditators are. Here you will see the Outsiders symbol on a balcony.

Jump to that roof and then unplug the box powering the fan. Jump through the gap in the fan’s blades on the roof and look in the centre of the floor to find the notebook.

Those are all three of the Stray notebook locations. You’ll need to nab them to progress the story, so hopefully we’ve helped you out. For more tips and assistance, check out our Stray walkthrough for all the guides we have covering the game!