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Stray how to meow on PC and console

Want to absolutely mess with your own cat or just want to hear BlueTwelve Studio's cat meow as much as possible? Here is how to meow in Stray

Stray How To Meow: The cat can be seen sitting

Stray is a game about a tiny cat making its way throughout an overwhelmingly-large cityscape filled with nefarious beasties and hidden dangers. During some of the puzzle-platforming adventure game’s most intense moments, things can get a little nervy. There is only one way to relieve said stress, and you’re going to need to know how to meow in Stray to do it.

As you scurry about Stray’s cyberpunk cityscape, you’ll find yourself serenaded by all sorts of both delightful – especially if you pick up all the Stray sheet music locations – and unnerving sounds. Of course, no sound is sweeter than the sultry meowing of a tiny ginger cat.

Stray how to meow

In order to meow in Stray, press the Circle/B button on your controller, or the left Alt key on your keyboard. And just like that, you’re meowing with the best of them. You can even nab yourself an achievement or trophy if you meow 100 times.

So, you may as well turn your meows into a song and do it over and over again!

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