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High On Life walkthrough, tips, guides, and more

Our High On Life walkthrough, tips, and guides will take you through all you need to know as you jump into Justin Roiland's latest crazy world

High On Life is Justin Roiland’s latest talkative title to hit consoles and PC and this time it takes you to space to stop an alien drug cartel. But, if you are jumping in you are probably looking for a High On Life walkthrough to get you through and give you all the tips you need to know.

This is the place for you as below you can find a bunch of guides and useful information to help you take down the figureheads of the drug cartel and get back home. Whether it be collectible guides, finding weapons and resources, or simply getting an idea of the overall length of the game, you can find a comprehensive overview below.

High On Life walkthrough and tips

Below you can find our guides on High On Life, packed full of the information you need to know about the game, as well as collectible guides and boss guides to help you take down the alien drug cartel:

High On Life Walkthrough: Gene can be seen

High On Life general information

Here you can find everything you need to know to get started in the game and get an overview of its core structure:

High On Life Walkthrough: 9-Torg can be seen

High On Life gameplay tips, guides, and collectibles

Here are our gameplay guides which will take you through where to find items in space, collectibles, and provide tips on how to defeat the cartel figureheads you come across

That covers what you need to know to get a headstart in Squanch Games’ latest title. This High On Life walkthrough should keep you busy and allow you to rack up all the achievements and complete everything while you are playing.