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High On Life secret ending - how to get and unlock it

Defeating Garmantuous and the G3 Cartel isn’t your final stop, as you’ll want to find out how to get the Secret Ending in High on Life

High on Life Secret Ending: Creature and Knifey in High on Life

Who doesn’t love secrets in video games? Fortunately, High on Life is one of those games that offer that, and you’ll definitely want to find out how to get the High On Life secret ending. Not only does this close up the game’s story, but it also points to a possible sequel, if Squanch Games plan for it that is.

You can only get the secret ending after you beat Garmantuous in High on Life. To be able to access this secret, you’ll have to complete the final bounty on the High on Life missions list. However, if you’ve finished off the remaining G3 members, find out how to access this ending below as you go through the High On Life bosses.

High on Life how to get secret ending guide

The secret ending can be found behind a secret door in Human Haven in High on Life. Here’s how to unlock this door in High on Life:

  • After watching the credits, press continue game
  • Use the Bounty-5000 and access the planet selection menu
  • Select Nova Sanctis and select Clugg’s Office
  • Pick up the keycard on his desk
  • Head back home and select the Bounty-5000 again, this time choosing the unknown sector
  • Pick the Human Haven, and then look up to find platforms heading up
  • Use your jetpack to reach the top and find a door with red lights
  • Open the door using the keycard, and walk through to find the secret ending

High on Life Secret Ending door

We won’t spoil the contents of the secret ending here, but it’s clear that this segment of the game is definitely sequel bait. In fact, you even get an achievement for finding this secret called ‘Sequel-Bait’ so there’s definitely some plans there. We’ll have to see whether Squanch Games announce a High on Life 2 in the near future or not. You can watch it below from ‘Gameplay Vault’ if you do want to see it yourself

YouTube Thumbnail

That’s how you can find the secret ending in High on Life. You can still play more of the game after this, so make sure to collect all of the High on Life Pesos to purchase any remaining upgrades or collectibles highlighted in our High On Life walkthrough. Or, you can find all of the High on Life Warp Crystals to finish the game completely.