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High On Life money (Pesos) and how to get it

Get an idea of High On Life money and Pesos and how to get it as you are exploring the various planets in space and taking on bounties

High On Life money Pesos Get: Gus can be seen in Blim

Do you want an idea of how to get High On life money (Pesos) so you can grab as many upgrades as possible? Let us take you through the key ways you will be able to get money on your journey across space as you try to get back home.

Thankfully, Pesos, the currency in High On Life is pretty plentiful so you shouldn’t struggle to much to get enough to spend, especially if you are hunting around and opening Luglox chests in High On Life. But, these tips will still help you out as you are upgrading your gear and getting some of the High On life weapons.

High On Life money (Pesos) guide

To get money (Pesos) in High On Life you need to do one of the following:

  • Kill bosses and hand in bounties
  • Complete Forum challenges 
  • Open Luglox chests throughout the game

The easiest way you will be able to grab large amounts of money and Pesos is by killing bosses in the game and handing in the bounties for killing them. Doing so will give you large chunks of Pesos to spend on upgrades at the store or for your weapons at shops.

Besides that, Luglox chests can be found throughout the many worlds in the game and they can contain bundles of Pesos for you to spend, alongside challenges which provide small rewards for you.

That is about it though, so you don’t have to worry about having to hoover up Pesos from a number of locations across space. With the knowledge of High On life money (Pesos) you can now begin taking on some of the harder-to-find collectible hunts in the game, which you can find in our High On Life walkthrough and guides.