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High On Life how to open Luglox chests

Are you wondering how to open Luglox chests in High On Life? Well, let us take you through what you need to do to be able to crack them open

High On Life Open Chests: A Luglox chest can be seen

Are you stumbling around High On Life’s alien worlds and wondering just what all the chests are that you are seeing around? Maybe you want to know how to open them? Well, this guide will give you all of the answers as to how to open Luglox chests in High On Life.

These chests have a variety of loot in them that you can gather and use to buy upgrades, unlock new items, and purchase collectibles. So, once you can open them, it is worth finding as many of them as you can as you are exploring and unlocking the various High On Life weapons.

How to open chests in High On Life

To open Luglox chests in High On Life, you need to have obtained Knifey in the game’s first bounty hunt mission, going after 9-Torg. This will likely be something you do early on, within the first hour of playing and it is unmissable. So, once you have Knifey, you can open all the chests.

So, that should let you get started on what you can do with the chests that you see jiving away in the game. As mentioned, this is a pretty early objective so you shouldn’t have to pass too many chests before you can open them.

That covers how to open a Luglox chest in High On Life. If you are looking for even more tips to get you started, our guide on how to beat 9-Torg in High On Life will tell you how to bring an end to the boss right after picking up Knifey. You can also find more tips in our High On Life walkthrough article.