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All High On Life weapons and guns

This article will take you through the High On Life weapons and guns and the strengths of each one as you are exploring alien planets

High On Life Weapons: Gus can be seen

High On Life caught everyone’s attention with its talking guns but just how many of the chatty weapons can you get in the game? There are quite a few and this article will run you through each of their strengths and the full list of High On Life weapons and guns.

From familiar playing pistols to a loud and talkative knife that just about wants to stab everything, including yourself, there is a pretty diverse selection. And, there are some pretty well-known names in the High On Life voice actors and cast list voicing each of the weapons.

High On Life weapons

There are six High On Life weapons and guns in total. They are:

  • Kenny
  • Knifey
  • Gus
  • Sweezy
  • Creature
  • Lezduit

You can find a more in-depth rundown of each weapon and how it performs in combat below:


Kenny is your first gun in High On Life and serves as a regular pistol. It is voiced by Justin Roiland himself and his Glob Shot alternate fire is a large explosive shot that sends enemies flying into the air.

High On Life Weapons: Kenny can be seen


Knifey is your main melee weapon in the game and will be a crutch during intense combat encounters. It is VERY talkative and will often become enthralled at the killing it is capable of in your hands. It is the only weapon in the game that doesn’t have any kind of ammo system as it can only be used at close range.

High On Life Weapons: Knifey can be seen


Gus works similarly to a shotgun, shooting out multiple projectiles with its tendrils. It is voiced by JB Smoove.

High On Life Weapons: Gus can be seen


Sweezy is similar to Halo’s Needler, firing out projectiles which build up to an explosion. It is voiced by Betsy Sodaro.

High On Life Weapons: Sweezy can be seen


Creature is a sort of crowd-control weapon, which allows you to fire out little small creatures that jump on enemies and chew them to bits. It is voiced by Tim Robinson.

High On Life Weapons: Creature can be seen


While limited to the final mission, Lezduit is an extremely powerful weapon that deals high damage to any enemies that it is aimed at. However, it does take a while to recharge.

High on Life weapons: Lezduit in High on Life

That covers the full list of High On Life weapons and guns. If you are looking to jump in, check out our guide on High On Life on Game Pass to see how you can play on both Xbox and PC and get a chance to hear these weapons endlessly talking yourself.