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High On Life voice actors and cast

Here is the full High On Life voice actors and cast list, so you know who voices all of those ear-splitting guns that never shut up

High On Life Voice Actors Cast: A large purple alien can be seen

Any Justin Roiland project is mainly known for the cast members and voices that appear in it. That is true for his previous games developed at Squanch Games and High On Life, their latest work. But, who is starring in the game and which famous faces make up the High On Life voice actors and cast list?

High On Life is Squanch’s most star-studded game yet pulling from well-known video-game talent, TV shows, movies, and individuals Roiland has worked with in the past. And, there are a few surprising faces to be found voicing either an alien or one of the High On Life weapons. So be sure to keep an ear out as you are exploring and completing High On Life missions and bounties.

High On Life voice actors and cast

Here is the High On Life voice actors and cast:

  • Justin Roiland – Kenny
  • Michael Cusack – Knifey
  • JB Smoove – Gus
  • Betsy Sodaro – Sweezy
  • Tim Robinson – Creature
  • Laura Silverman – Lizzie
  • Dave Herman – Gene
  • Kevin McDonald – Dr. Giblets/Green Guy in Saloon
  • Thomas Middleditch – Ranchy
  • Mary Mack – Jor
  • Maria Bamford – Additional Voices
  • Nolan North – Additional Voices
  • Jennifer Hale – Additional Voices
  • Tara Strong – Additional Voices

Tara Strong, Nolan North, and Jennifer Hale can be found in dozens of games across the last few decades, while the rest of the cast mostly comes from animation or live-action shows. JB Smoove hails from a variety of shows, including Curb Your Enthusiasm. Tim Robinson appeared on Saturday Night Live and I Think You Should Leave on Netflix, while Laura Silverman voiced Andy in Bob’s Burgers.

One outlier is that your knife, Knifey, is played by Michael Cusack, who has worked on some TV shows but started off as a YouTube cartoonist. As you can see there are quite a few well-known names here that you will hear as you try to thwart the alien cartel and return home.

With the full High On Life voice actors and cast list, you can then jump in and begin playing whether you are buying the game on Xbox or PC or using Game Pass. For everything to know about how High On Life on Game Pass works, our guide will talk you through what you need to know and our High On Life walkthrough has even more useful information.