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How to beat 9-Torg in High on Life

You’ll need to face the clone with a bone to pick pretty early on in the game, so here’s our guide on how to beat 9-Torg in High on Life

How to beat 9-Torg in High on Life: 9-Torg intro in High on Life

Armed with Kenny in hand, and Knifey in the other, you’ll need to find out how to beat 9-Torg in High on Life fairly early into the game. This alien with plenty of clones can be difficult, considering it is the first boss you’ll have to face.

Before you go finding all High on Life weapons, this boss will stand in your way. Since you’ve only started your bounty hunting career a few moments prior, it can seem like a daunting task to complete your first quest. Don’t worry, as we have a solid method to defeating 9-Torg below.

How to beat 9-Torg in High on Life

The main strategy to defeating 9-Torg in High on Life is by doing the following:

  • Keep shooting constantly
  • Use Kenny’s trick hole to bounce 9-Torg in the air
  • Avoid 9-Torg’s laser attack by jumping
  • Avoid the sludge by using Knifey to grapple and zipline around
  • Grapple to avoid her massive laser at the end

As it’s the first boss fight in the game, you won’t have access to any other Gatlians at your disposal. Thankfully, this means that Torg-9 is a pretty simple boss to fight overall, but it can seem challenging initially. At the start of the fight, simply use Kenny’s trick hole to bounce her in the air and keep shooting for extra damage to juggle her. Some of her slow-moving energy shots can be deflected with Knifey by pressing the melee button. Pair this with regular shooting as well.

After some time, she’ll end up using her laser around the arena. Jump over these and keep firing at her at all times. After a portion of the fight is over, the sludge will rise, taking over the platform you’re on. Use Knifey to grapple around and use the ziplines to stay away from the sludge below.

This pattern of attacks and needing to grapple will happen a few times, and her health is depleted, she’ll start using a massive version of her laser. You’ll need to stay above her by grappling around, similar to avoiding the sludge, before she finally gives up and dies. Head over to her and use the melee button to take her DNA, and you can then return the bounty to the Bounty-5000 and collect your rewards.

That’s how to beat Torg-9 in High on Life. Since this is the start of your journey in the game, why not find out the High on Life length to see how long it takes to complete. Be sure to check out our list of the other High On Life missions and bounties as you continue your jounrey and more in our High On Life walkthrough which is packed with tips.