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High On Life length and how long to beat

If you’re wondering how long High on Life will take to beat, here’s the game length and how much time you can expect to spend listening to talking guns

High on Life Game Length: Three Cartel Aliens standing in an alley

Unlike a short episode of Rick and Morty, High on Life’s game length will see you spend hours within this comedic science-fiction game. Created by Squanch Games, which was founded by Justin Roiland, High on Life asks you to take on an alien cartel which plans on using humanity as drugs. Yes, you heard that right.

Whether you’re a fan of Justin Roiland’s adult animated shows, or liked what you saw when the High on Life Xbox Showcase trailer released, it’s looking to be a fun and hilarious time for anyone playing. Luckily for us, Squanch Games has revealed how long you can expect to be (playing) High on Life.

High on Life length – how long to beat

High on Life will take roughly 10-12 hours to beat, according to Squanch Games when interviewed by PureXbox. However, completionists can expect to spend 20-25 hours with the game.

It’s unclear whether this means there will be a variety of side quests or if it will be based on collectibles. But if you’re hoping to see everything on offer, that’s how long it could take you. Despite the game seeming to have an open-world structure, High on Life is linear and level-based, with unique planets acting as stages for the hilarious backdrops of your experience.

For those who want a short yet fun game, it seems like the shooter could be what you could be looking for as the High on Life game length and time to beat will give you a good few hours of fun. Anyone with a Game Pass subscription can also play the game on High on Life’s Game Pass release date too, which is certainly a great offer. Let’s just hope the talking gun doesn’t wind you up too much.