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All the High On Life bosses

Get an overview of all the High On Life bosses you will fight on bounty hunts as you explore the planets and locations across space

High On Life Bosses: The player can be seen fighting Krubis

High On Life might have you galavanting across planets as a bounty hunter. But, aside from shooting grunts and regular nasty aliens, you will also have to take down a number of High On Life bosses which are members of the alien drug cartel that has invaded Earth.

Each of these bosses offers a challenging fight with a variety of different moves and attacks that you need to keep track of. From large area-of-effects attacks to simple shots you can deflect with your knife or dodge, each one has its own strategy to beat it as well as a famous voice behind it as the game has a stacked High On Life voice actors and cast list. Below, you can find a list of the bosses and an overview of their main attacks.

High On Life bosses

High On Life has a variety of bosses throughout the game that you will kill while on bounty hunts. They are:

  • 9-Torg (Nova Sanctus)
  • Krubis (Zephyr Paradise)
  • Douglas (Port Terrene)
  • Dr. Giblets (Zephyr Paradise)
  • Skrendel Bros/Bro-Tron (Zephyr Paradise)
  • Nipulon (Port Terrene)
  • Garmantuous (Earth)

You can find deep dives into the bosses below, as well as guides on how to beat them.

High On Life Bosses: 9-Torg can be seen


The tutorial boss if you will, 9-Torg is a fairly simple fight with only one or two attacks she can use. With an energy shot and simple bullets that fire out in a spread, she isn’t really deadly until she forces you to stay in the air. But, her final attack is a powerful laser that can easily catch you if you aren’t playing at the top of your game.

For a guide on how to bring an end to 9-Torg’s life, our High On Life how to beat 9-Torg guide should be able to help you out.

High On Life Bosses: Krubis can be seen


Krubis can be found on the Zephyr Paradise and is hidden away until you can get his coordinates and warp him in with a Warp Disc. Krubis uses a regular blast and a sawblade which can bounce off of walls and the floor. In addition, he scuttles about underground, drilling away and barrels through the walls and floor with his large area-of-effect laser dash attack that can be hard to dodge.

For a guide on how to kill him, our High On Life how to beat Krubis walkthrough will take you through some tips to bring an end to the cartel leader.

High on Life Bosses: Douglas entrance in High on Life


Douglas, the squid-like creature in a spacesuit, can be found in Port Terrene. After following his training course, and completing some puzzles, you’ll find yourself dealing with Douglas who has a simple blaster, but an arena full of floor panels that can electrocute in a moments notice.

To find out how to defeat this boss, our High on Life how to beat Douglas guide covers the strategy on completing this fight.

High on Life Bosses: Dr Giblets entrance in High on Life

Dr. Giblets

Finding Dr. Giblets is the most difficult task, as you’ll need to use your sleuthing skills (and the Suit OS’ Detective Mode) to find Dr. Giblets by using a recently opened High on Life store. Your journey will take you back to Zephyr Paradise, where he meets his demise fairly quickly, and you drop into a gauntlet of challenges he made.

If you do need some tips though, our guide on how to kill Dr. Giblets in High On Life will help you out on the trip back home.

High on Life bosses: Skrendel Bros entrance in High on Life

Skrendel Bros/Bro-Tron

The Skrendel Bros can be found in Skrendel Labs on Zephyr Paradise, being split into three minor boss fights before becoming a challenging final boss of the mission with the Bro-Tron. This trio joins together to offer tornadoes and waves of sludge, as well as having their own moveset when they’re on their own.

If this boss fight proves to be a challenge for you, take a look at our High on Life how to beat Skrendel Bros and Bro-Tron walkthrough for the best strategy on completing this bounty.

High on Life Bosses: Nipulon entrance in High on Life


Second-in-command for the G3 Cartel and the penultimate boss fight of the game, Nipulon can be found in his building on Port Terrene. After sneaking in and saving some humans, you’ll find him in his office, where he drugs you and puts you into a trippy state, tasking you with killing the real Nipulon.

This boss fight may not be the most difficult, but it is fairly confusing, so you should use our High on Life how to beat Nipulon guide.

High on Life Bosses: Garmantuous entrance in High on Life


The final boss of the game, Garmantuous takes you back to your home planet of Earth to finish the last member of the G3 Cartel. For his first phase, Garmantuous sends waves and piles of balls of energy at you, and his second phase sends waves of sludge at you which you need to avoid. There’s also the unfortunate task of having to shove a bomb up his arse, but we won’t go too far into detail on that.

Garmantuous is arguably the most difficult boss fight in the game, which means you’ll need our High on Life how to beat Garmantuous guide to complete the game.

That wraps up our guide on the disgusting creatures you will end the lives of in High On Life. While there are quite a few High On Life bosses for you to fight, there is even more for you to do on each of the planets, including opening Luglax chests in High On Life. For those tips and more, you can read our High On Life walkthrough which is filled with tips to help you out as you are playing.