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How to beat Skrendel Bros and Bro-Tron in High On Life

These three brothers will give you a difficult time, so you’ll need to find out how to beat Skrendel Bros and Bro-Tron in High on Life

High on Life beat Skrendel Bros and Bro-Tron: One of the Skrendel Brothers intro in High on Life

With a bunch of Gatlians now in your arsenal, you shouldn’t wait around before you find out how to beat the Skrendel Bros and Bro-Tro in High on Life. While these three may seem easy when they’re separated, as they bundle together and become the Bro-Tron, things can get more challenging.

As you make your way collecting all High on Life weapons and completing the bounties on the High on Life missions list, you’ll encounter these three in one mission at Skrendel Labs. While the first time you meet each of them can be completed quickly, the last fight is the one you’ll need to use our strategy below to help you with.

How to beat Skrendel Bros and Bro-Tron in High on Life

To defeat the Skrendel Bros, and when they become Bro-Tron in High on Life, you should use the following strategy:

  • Stay at a distance when they’re Bro-Tron and spin, to avoid the sludge tornadoes
  • Try damage the brothers equally, instead of focusing on one at a time
  • Use all Gatlian Trick Holes to maximise the damage you can deal to them
  • Pick up the four shields around the arena when needed

At the start, the three Skrendel Bros will join forces to become the Bro-Tron. They’ll typically bounce around the arena at first, creating a wave of sludge around them. Jump over this to avoid it, while whittling down their health with your regular shots. You can also use Creature’s Trick Hole to disrupt them.

At some points, the Bro-Tron will go to the centre of the arena and start spinning, creating a circle of tornadoes going outwards. You’re likely going to be hit by these a few times, and they deal a decent amount of damage, but you can survive for longer by going as far away from them as possible, since the tornadoes somewhat split as they reach the walls of the arena.

When you deal enough damage to the Bro-Tron, the trio will split, allowing you to damage each of them. We recommend balancing out the damage between all three, as the remaining duo will team up again as soon as one dies. They’ll join up as the Bro-Tron again a few times during the boss fight, but the strategy remains the same. If you find yourself getting close to death, make use of the four shield drops around the arena.

Once two of them die, it’s plain sailing from there, as the last one will simply keep up their standard attacks. When the last one dies, you’ll be able to collect all three Skrendel Bros’ DNA, and head back to Gene to collect your reward from the Bounty-5000.

That’s how you can beat the Skrendel Bros and the Bro-Tron in High on Life. If you’re wondering what your next steps are in the game, we recommend taking a look at our High on Life walkthrough guide. If you’re seemingly low on cash, you can always find out how to get more High on Life Pesos to buy some of those fancy upgrades.