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How to beat Garmantuous in High on Life

The end of the G3 Cartel, and High on Life, is almost here once you find out how to beat Garmantuous in High on Life, but he isn’t easy to kill

High on Life Beat Garmantuous: Garmantuous intro cutscene in High on Life

It’s been leading up to this moment, with a full arsenal of weapons including the powerful Lezduit in your hands, and you’ll need him to figure out how to beat Garmantuous in High on Life. This monstrous (and frankly, very ugly) creature is not going to play nicely when you come to kill him, and so he can be a difficult boss to defeat.

Before you take on the leader of the G3 Cartel, we strongly recommend collecting some High on Life Pesos to purchase some upgrades, and make sure you’ve got a strong kit before you take him on. Otherwise, you should be ready to find out our strategy on killing this very evil creature.

How to beat Garmantuous in High on Life

Garmantuous is arguably one of the toughest boss fights in the game, which is why you’ll need our following strategy to kill Garmantuous in High on Life:

  • In the first phase, use your jetpack and dodge unit to avoid Garmantuous’ energy balls
  • Use Sweezy’s Trick Hole to freeze Garmantuous in place, allowing you to keep firing at him
  • Frequently use Lezduit to deal heavy damage while not needing to focus on accuracy
  • On the second phase, try to avoid his sludge puddles and waves by using the jetpack

At the start of the boss fight, Garmantuous will be in a small hovercraft flying around the arena. He’ll typically fire balls of energy in various patterns and directions that require you to watch and dodge at certain angles. There are a lot of projectiles, so it’s hard to avoid them all and focus on shooting at him, so use Sweezy’s Trick Hole to slow him down and get some shots in.

You can also make use of Lezduit, who has a great range alongside excellent damage, meaning you don’t have to focus too hard on accuracy. He takes a while to recharge, so feel free to switch to your other weapons and use their Trick Holes to deal damage to Garmantuous, and you’ll receive a pop-up when Lezduit is ready to go again.

After taking him down, you’ll need to go to his arse and shove the bomb in. The detonator won’t work, and you’ll be trapped in a small bubble. The boss fight then proceeds to enter a cutscene, ending with the deaths of none other than Jack Black and Susan Sarandon. Yes, that’s right.

Garmantuous’ second phase is similar to the High on Life Skrendel Bros boss fight, with waves and puddles of sludge to avoid. Keep firing at him with a mix of regular and Trick Hole shots, while using Lezduit as frequently as possible ,and his health bar will deplete in no time. Once it does, you’ll need to shove one of your Gatlians into the hole where the bomb went, causing whichever Gatlian you chose to activate it and kill Garmantuous. Fortunately, your favourite guns will come out alive (although, likely scarred).

That’s how to beat Garmantuous and finish High on Life. However, you can still find plenty of post-game content in our High on Life walkthrough to do once the credits finish rolling.