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How to beat Krubis in High On Life

Are you wondering how to beat Krubis in High On Life? Let us talk you through how to end this exploitative drill-head's reign over the Zephyr Paradise

High On Life Beat Krubis: Krubis can be seen

Krubis can be the second boss you fight if you go after him on a bounty hunt in the Zephyr Paradise. But, he is a bit of a step up in difficulty compared to 9-Torg. So, you will need to understand how to beat Krubis in High On Life and nail down a good strategy.

Thankfully, to save you from bashing your head against a cave wall, you will be able to power yourself up with these tips and make short work of the fight. Krubis is far more chaotic so you will need to bring your running shoes with you to dodge his many attacks as you use the High On Life weapons you have got so far.

How to beat Krubis in High On Life

Krubis is an intense and tough fight so you will need to ensure you are ready for a challenge with this strategy to beat him in High On Life:

  • Dodge to the side and swing around the arena to avoid his shots
  • Use your Trick Hole alternate fire to remove him from the ground
  • Approach him for a melee when he is stunned
  • Stay at a distance where possible
  • Keep an eye on mobs
  • Continuously walk in a circle when he uses his laser attack

Now you have those key tips, let’s get into more exact strategies to defeat him. For almost the entirety of the first half, he will use one of two attacks, either a sawblade that bounces around the arena or regular shots. These are relatively easy to dodge by simply moving to the side and dodging when you have fuel. It’s a good idea to keep a distance generally during this phase.

When he is embedded in the ground shooting, you can also use your Trick Hole alternate fire for your weapons and Kenny especially to stun Krubis and get him out of the ground. Here you can either shoot him or follow up with two melee attacks for decent damage.

Occasionally Krubis can call in support from mobs. At this point, he will disappear from the fight so you want to be sure to kill the mobs as soon as possible as some of them are strong. Finally, he can perform a large area-of-effect laser attack once he hits 50% health. This will see Krubis dart and dash through the dirt and walls a dozen or more times with lasers denoting where he will launch himself.

This can seem incredibly overwhelming at first, but it is actually easy to dodge providing you keep moving in one direction, preferably in a circle. This will allow you to avoid every launch he does and then return to shooting him when he goes back to his normal attacks.

And there you have it, that is about everything you need to know to beat Krubis in High On Life. With this boss out of the way, you can begin moving on to more of the High On Life missions and bounties. For additional help as you continue your murdering spree across space, check out our High On Life walkthrough which is filled with tips.