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How to beat Nipulon in High on Life

The penultimate boss fight in the game doesn’t hold back the weirdness, and you'll need to keep your wits, so here’s how to beat Nipulon in High on Life

High on Life Beat Nipulon: Nipulon intro cutscene in High on Life

The G3 Cartel is almost wiped out at this point, with only two high-up members of the evil group left to kill, and that’s why you need to find out how to beat Nipulon in High on Life. Unlike previous boss fights, Nipulon is a little more hands-off during the experience, but he can still be a challenging one to face, especially during the section where he drugs you.

Now that you have your hands on most of the High on Life weapons, and you’ve almost finished up the High on Life missions and bounties, you’re one step closer to beating the game. While you might need to see how long is left by using our High on Life length guide, we can assure you that you’re coming to the end of your journey once you beat Nipulon.

How to beat Nipulon in High on Life

Nipulon is one of the strangest boss fights in High on Life, and here’s our strategy to beat him:

  • In Nipulon’s office, deal damage until he shields himself
  • When in the drugged state, find the real Nipulon by looking for the one with normal colours
  • Use Gus to deal heavy damage and whittle down his health quickly

When you first enter the boss fight with Nipulon, it’ll be a simple encounter, where you’ll need to deal damage until around a quarter of his health is gone. At this point, he’ll fill the room with gas that will make you high. The first time, you’ll enter a weird world where you need to talk to Gene. After this, head down the hole which means you’re going ‘deeper’ into the high.

During this void segment, Nipulon will create various versions of himself that will attack you, and all of his copies don’t help against his health bar. You’ll need to find the real Nipulon, which is the one with normal colours.

We recommend using Gus in this segment, as well as the second one, as he deals heavy damage to him and can bring his health bar down quickly. After enough damage, you’ll enter another world where you can talk to Lizzie. Speak with her, before going deeper again. At this time, Nipulon will create a sphere of himself all firing lasers. Once again, find the real one and deal damage with Gus.

Once his health bar is depleted, you can take his DNA with Knifey and head back to the Bounty-5000 to turn it in. This means you have one bounty left to complete before you finish the game.

That’s how you can beat Nipulon in High on Life. Before you go to take on Garmantuous, we recommend buying some upgrades by finding and spending some High on Life Pesos, which you can find more of using our High On Life walkthrough and guides.