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How to beat Douglas in High on Life

Get an idea of how to beat Douglas in High On Life so you can grab a new gun and continue your journey back to Earth and stop the G3 cartel

High On Life Beat Douglas: Douglas can be seen

The G3 Cartel is full of criminal outcasts and horrible aliens, which is why finding out how to beat Douglas in High on Life should be something you need to do. This torture-loving squid in a spacesuit can give you a hard time when you chase him on his bounty, and figuring out the perfect strategy can help you return to your home and tell Gene how well it went.

If you’re following our other High On Life bosses guides, this should be the third bounty you’ll complete. That means you’ll definitely be making progress by collecting all High on Life weapons and offering more ways to deal with these G3 Cartel henchmen (or henchaliens). But you’ll need to defeat Douglas to make further progress.

How to beat Douglas in High on Life

You’ll need to use all tools at your disposal to beat Douglas in High on Life. Follow the strategy below to defeat this bounty:

  • Watch the floor when it sparks and turns purple to avoid electrocution
  • When Douglas attaches to walls, use Kenny’s Trick Hole to make him slip
  • Keep an eye on your minimap for grunts entering the boss fight
  • When Douglas is stunned, make sure to stab him with Knifey
  • Use the grapple point on the ceiling to avoid Douglas’ final floor electrocution before he dies

At the start of the boss fight with Douglas, he will remain on the ground. Use your regular shots to deal consistent damage, until he starts jumping on the pillars in the arena. He’s too fast for most of your normal shots, so using Kenny’s Trick Hole which will cause him to fall and be stunned. When this happens, walk up to him and use the melee button to deal some good damage with Knifey.

After he gets up the first few times, the floor will start sparking and some panels will be purple. You’ll need to jump and avoid these as often as possible to minimise the damage done to your shield and health. At this time, grunts will also start coming into the arena, but these are simple to deal with and also drop shield boosts for yourself. You can use your minimap to track these grunts.

Douglas will start bouncing on the pillars again, meaning you’ll need to keep using Kenny’s Trcik Hole. Keep the pressure on him as you’ve done before, and his health will soon empty. When this happens, Douglas will activate the entire ground, causing every panel to be dangerous to you, so you need to use the grapple point on the ceiling in the centre of the room to stay above. After this, he will die, and you can pick up his DNA and a new one of the High On Life weapons, Sweezy.

That’s how you can beat Douglas in High on Life. You can track your next bounty with our High on Life missions list, so you know what G3 Cartel member you’ll be hunting next. Or if you missed Kubris, you could always find out how to beat Kubris in High on Life. However, if you’re ready for the next bounty, head home and turn this one in!