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High On Life bounty order - suggested order to kill bosses

Get an idea of the High On Life bounty order to figure out the best path to take through killing the cartel members as you explore the different planets

High On Life Bounty Order: A large creature can be seen

If you have got to a crossroads in High On Life, you may be wondering which bounty you should take up next. It isn’t clear what the best order through the game’s many bosses is. But, thankfully, we are here to help you out and give you our suggested High On Life bounty order.

This order of when to kill all the High On Life bosses is based on the gear you get after killing each one and what best sets you up to fight the next boss. As such, we will be guiding you down one path only as oftentimes you can grab a weapon or piece of gear that really helps out in the next boss fight as you are completing the High On Life missions.

High On Life bounty order

Our suggested High On Life bounty order is as follows:

  • Bounty: 9-Torg
  • Bounty: Krubis
  • Bounty: Douglas
  • Bounty: Dr. Giblets
  • Bounty: Skrendel Bros
  • Bounty: Nipulon
  • Bounty: Garmantuous

Overall though, you are going to want to start off with Krubis as Sweezy, which is the High On Life weapon you get after killing Douglas isn’t nearly as useful as Gus. So, it’s best to get Gus as early as possible as his alternate fire is quite powerful and can be reflected towards Douglas multiple times. Then, you will want to take out Dr. Giblets first as the boss first is really quite easy so you can finish that before moving onto the much tougher Skrendel Bos.

That about wraps up our High On Life bounty order recommendations for who you should kill and when. If you are looking for more in-depth boss guides for each one, our High On Life walkthrough has everything you need as you pick up new gear on your journey back to earth.