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High On Life drum location

Get an idea of where to find the High On Life drum location so you can complete the quest in Blim City and help out your fellow aliens

High On Life Drum Location: A character can be seen

If you have stumbled across Globo in Blim City in High On Life, you may have heard that he wants a drum. But, as this isn’t actually a quest and more of a side-objective, the location isn’t actually on the map. So, you will have to search out the High On Life drum location.

But, to help you out, this article will take you through exactly where it is and as expected in the game, how much it costs. You will need to have a small amount of High On Life money (Pesos) in your back pocket to be able to buy it and bring it to Globo.

High On Life drum location

The drum in High On Life can be found in the Pawn Shop on the counter, by the window, in Blim City for 78 Pesos. Once you have it you can then take it back to Globo and complete the mini-quest.

One downside of having found the Drum is you would have spent your money just to hear his playing, which to put it nicely could be better. But, if you have been wondering where to grab it, that is where it is sitting in the game. If you want a video guide of where you can grab it the one below from ‘PerfectParadox‘ should help you out:

YouTube Thumbnail

There you have it, that is where the High On Life drum location is in Blim City. For more quest items, guides to the High On Life bosses, and tips, our High On Life walkthrough is packed full of articles. If you are still exploring Blim City, check out our guide on the High On Life Blim City chests locations.