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Is High On Life multiplayer co-op?

Are you wondering is High On Life multiplayer? Find out if you can play with a friend and experience Justin Roiland's latest crazy adventure

High On Life Multiplayer: A weapon can be seen with the player shooting it

If you have seen Justin Roiland’s latest game, you may be wondering if you can play it with friends or if it is a single-player experience just for yourself. Well, this article will take you through all the ways you can play and if one of those is through High On Life multiplayer.

By understanding, if you can play with your friends or not you will know whether you need to loop them into playing High On Life or Game Pass or purchasing their own copy of the game. So, its a good idea to get an overview on what Justin Roiland and Squanch Games have in store.

Is High On Life multiplayer?

High On Life does not offer any kind of multiplayer or co-op functionality, with the game only being a single-player experience. Therefore, you can’t join friends in any kind of PvP or co-op mode.

This shouldn’t be too surprising to anyone who has kept their eyes on the game as it has always been shown off as a single-player game. And, given that it is structured as a straightforward campaign, the game is unlikely to get any kind of multiplayer mode either.

So that should answer your question about if High On Life is multiplayer. If you want an overview of what to expect when you jump in, check out our guide on the High On Life voice actors and cast who play the talking High On Life weapons and characters you meet.