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High On Life how to save your game

If you are wondering how to save your game in High On Life, let us take you through the process so that you can ensure you don't lose any progress

High On Life How To Save: The player can be seen jumping across a landscape

If you are playing through the wacky and weird experience that is High On Life, you may be trying to find out how exactly you can save to ensure you don’t lose your progress. To save you time scouring around the menus or talking with the aliens you meet to see if one of them acts as a save spot, we will talk you through how to save in High On Life.

With the length and time to beat of High On Life being pretty sizeable and some tough boss fights in the game, you definitely don’t want to lose out on any progress and either lose upgrades or have to repeat a battle. Below, you can find out exactly how the save system in the game works.

High On Life how to save your game

There is no way to save your game manually in High On Life. The only way to save is to reach one of the checkpoints in the game. As such, you won’t be able to go back to an area during a linear sequence, only able to revisit a place as you are exploring the open areas of the planets.

This won’t be too surprising to players who have played other linear single-player shooters. Thankfully though, almost all of the game can be revisited by returning to areas after you complete High On Life missions and bounties.

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