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High On Life should you let Gene stay or leave

Should you let the absolutely disgusting couch surfer Gene stay with you? Here is what happens if you let Gene stay or leave in High On Life

High On Life Gene Stay Or Leave: Gene can be seen

Are you wondering if you should let Gene stay or leave in High On Life? Let us take you through if this decision has a big effect on the game or if Squanch Games just trolling you, as they do in a fair few other spots in the game.

As can be found throughout the length and time to beat High On Life, Squanch is not one for shying away from pulling a fast one or undercutting what you expect to happen. This can be seen in combat, dialogue and as you take on the High On Life bosses during your bounty-hunting adventure.

Should you let Gene stay or leave in High On Life?

Ultimately, the decision you make when it comes to if Gene should stay or leave doesn’t matter, like the other decisions in the game when you are in your house. They are just a part of the game’s humour and don’t have any effect on the progression of the game.

High On Life has its fair few moments where it subverts your expectations and this is one of them. So, don’t worry about the option you pick.

Now you have figured out if you should let Gene stay or leave in High On Life, you can dive into the rest of the High On life missions and bounties. For guides on them and taking down the bosses, our High On Life walkthrough has you covered.